if the shoe fits…

"ah solo thinker…
accompanied by
killas & money getta’s,
the “real” type
is what they say,
but what is real life?
feens knocking
left and right,
day & nite 
the stoner 
going from poor to stardom,
the tokes of mary jane
cursin’ thru my mental,
henny in my veins
keep the xanz in the cut,
the mixture of a young niggas venom..
bitches strippin
actin different,
dippin in the vacant
collecting all the daily profits,
boy stop it
i see you
jockin my steez as i breathe,
thc memories
from the spliff of 2093,
for the bud
they show love,
shorty extra polite now
ever since a god laid tha pipe down
she down to earth
for free reefa
suddenly how things change
heart cold
but my ambition 
spark that fire
i go back and wonder
all the trouble i done been into
all the fussing i did with you
a young man 
going out of his mental to be wit you,
she’s been mislead
cant judge a book i misread,
seconds later….
things went from trying something new
to panties by my bed
every guys question…
do shorty give head?

…dont get mislead..” -C$’z

a piece from CRE8… still writing but thought i’d share.